Table Show

A friendly competitive table show is held at our regular meetings.

Entry is free, and you can enter as many plants as you like.

Each entry – 1 point.
Specified plant in bud or flower – 2 extra points.
Only the highest points awarded for specified cacti and succulents are recorded.

Wednesday 16 January

No table show

Wednesday 20 February

North American cacti and succulents

Wednesday 20 March

Any plants (cactus or succulent)

Wednesday 17 April

Mexican plants

Wednesday 15 May


Wednesday 17 July

South African succulents (not gasterias or haworthias)


No meeting

Wednesday 18 September

Any South American plants

Wednesday 16 October

Opuntias and related genera

Wednesday 20 November

Richard's favourites – any cacti or succulents

Wednesday 18 December

No table show



Pettman House
Hanover Square
Herne Bay


3rd Wednesday of the month (unless indicated otherwise)



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